How to credit your photographer


You may be wondering, "How should I credit my photographer?" The ideal approach is to credit whenever you can. Word-of-mouth is one of the best ways to find a photographer, and when you shout us out to your community, you help us make more great art with great people.

Social media

´╗┐Instagram: Tag me in the caption, like this: "Photo credit: Shaya Bendix Lyon (@pickleshy)"

Facebook: Include my name and website in the caption: "Shaya Bendix Lyon ("


Press page: "All photo credits: Shaya Bendix Lyon"

Here's an example of photographer credits on a press page:

Footer: "All photos by Shaya Bendix Lyon"

Liner notes

I love seeing my name in print. Try something like this in your liner notes: "Photos by Shaya Bendix Lyon"

Concert program

"Photo credit: Shaya Bendix Lyon"

Other situations...

Some scenarios are too ... unique ... to get a standard credit line. Say you're printing a photo on a cake, tattooing it on your arm, or flying it across the sky on a banner. Creative times call for creative measures!

If you're not sure how to credit your photographer, just ask. Appreciation is always welcome in even the most unusual forms!